Current Projects

Mt. Pinos Communities Fire Safe Council has a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) which identifies values at risk and particular hazards and lists potential mitigation actions. Our CWPP was collaboratively developed by community members with input from area agencies and other stakeholders in 2006 and was most recently updated in late 2009. Download it today at (PDF)


Current 2011 Projects

Digier Canyon Community Roadside Defensible Space Project

Digier Canyon is a small rural community located north of Lebec, California. The community is identified as having “High to Very High” fire danger by Cal Fire, and annually 15 to 20 wildfires are reported in the area. Only one road goes in and out of the community. The road is overgrown with brush and dense vegetation, which poses a significant threat for residents and visitors evacuating and firefighters responding to an emergency in the area.

KCFD crew creating defensible space in Kern County.
Photo courtesy of Derrick Davis, Kern County Fire Department

We are currently in the process of removing roadside hazardous fuels along 2.5 miles of roadway, cutting down bushes and brush and limbing taller trees on either side of the densely vegetated roadway. Crews from Kern County Fire Department have already made significant progress and will be working throughout the year removing fuels.

Mil Potrero Communities Interagency Escape Route

The Mil Potrero Highway winds through the communities of Pine Mountain Club, Cuddy Valley, and Pinon Pines in southwestern Kern County. Seven summer church camps near the winding road which constitutes the only way in and out of the remote communities. Identified as an area with significant potential for catastrophic wildfire by Cal Fire and Kern County, the area has no recorded fire history for the last 92 years. Creating a safe way for area residents to evacuate in the event of a wildfire is vital, particularly given the number of children in residence when summer camps are in session. With the Mil Potrero Communities Interagency Escape Route, we are clearing roadside brush and fuels along the Mil Potrero Highway.

Projects that create safe evacuation routes like this Kern County evacuation route save lives
and can slow the spread of wildfires
Photo courtesy of Derrick Davis, Kern County Fire Department

Kern County Fire Department (embed link to crews will begin work on this project during the summer of 2011.

Past Fire Safe Council Projects

 Pinion Pines Shaded Fuel Break

This project resulted in the creation of a shaded fuel break around the community of Pinion Pines.

Completed shaded fuel break
Photos courtesy of Kern County Fire Department


Charter School Shaded Fuel Break

This project created a shaded fuel break along the road leading to the the Pine Mountain Learning Center, located west of Pine Mountain Club off of the Mil Potrero Highway. The project made it possible for fire crews to safely protect the school and evacuate the students and staff in the event of a wildfire. The project significantly reduced fuel loading while retaining many attractive trees.

Completed shaded fuel break
Photos courtesy of Kern County Fire Department



Do you have an idea for a future project? We welcome anyone who lives or works in southwestern Kern County to join our fire safe council! You are welcome to attend an upcoming meeting.  Don’t have time to volunteer, but you still want to help? Your contribution in any amount either online or by mail is greatly appreciated and 100% tax deductible. Please contact us with any questions.